Artful Space Cabinets - Sierra Unlimited Construction

Artful Space – Kitchen

The kitchen in this former warehouse is designed for entertaining, with a large island open to the living room. Storage is plentiful, and there is ample space for large gatherings. Plywood and blue laminate doors add pattern and texture to the open plan, with exposed ceilings painted dark charcoal and some of the original brick left exposed.

Artful Space Cabinets - Sierra Unlimited Construction


Client Testimonial

Working with Julie Deuble and Jim Mariani was a dream come true! Watching our kitchen transform from what I had envisioned to true life was amazing! We went from seeing design inception to construction installation with the expertise of this team working with us to ensure we made all the right decisions along the way. Our favorite saying was, “You were right Julie!” As she gently guided us in a great design direction. Julie is a gem and one of those rare people who combines intelligence, patience, organizational skills and follow through to ensure our project flowed and was completed in a timely manner. I highly recommend her! Every morning when I see my kitchen; I am so grateful!